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Please ensure your pets arrive in a safe manner, dogs on a lead and cats and small animals in a safe carrier.

On arrival your pet will be registered with us if this is a first time visit or their details checked for any updates if they are a returning guest. The details taken will include:

  • Full name, address, contact details (owners and nominated other)

  • Registered vet details

  • Food / dietary requirements

  • Vaccination certificate check

  • Any special requirements

All pets must be fully vaccinated, including infectious tracheobronchitis (kennel cough) and Leptospirosis for dogs. Up to date certificate to be produced on arrival. Entry will be refused if vaccinations are not up to date. If you are unsure of the requirements please check with your vet at least 2 weeks prior to boarding. Puppies and kittens are welcome 14 days after their final vaccine. Please note that the infectious bronchitis vaccine does not give 100% protection against tracheobronchitis (kennel cough) and the owner takes full responsibility for this, we will not be liable if your pet catches kennel cough.

All animals will be examined on arrival, any animal showing signs of internal parasites (fleas, worms etc) will be treated and a charge levied for this. We also reserve the right to refuse admission to any pet which, in our opinion, is showing signs of ill health.

If your pet has any existing medical condition, any medication they need should be supplied with clear written instructions. If the medication runs out you agree for us to purchase further supplies on your behalf and for you to reimburse us for any expenses incurred.

We reserve the right to contact a veterinary surgeon should we feel the need arises. All fees and charges will be the responsibility of the owner.

The daily rate charged is from the day of admission to the day of departure.

We provide Blackhawk Premium kibble twice per day for dogs. Cats have Biscuits all day long and tinned wet food in the evening. There is no discount if you provide your pets own food.

Everything that you pet needs for their stay is provided, however if you want to bring some familiar toys, then please do but please note we take no responsibility for loss or damage to any bedding, leads etc that are supplied.

Payment is requested in full upon collection. We accept cash and EFTPOS and Credit Card surcharge applies

We reserve the right to re-home any animal not collected within 14 days of the booked departure date, if we have not had any contact from the owner or nominated contact.


Any lost property items will be kept for 4 weeks, if they are not claimed they will be donated .

Please do not bring food bowls as we provide these.


Dog Walking

All dogs will be exercised for 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon. They are grouped in the paddocks by size and nature. The dogs own lead, collar,  will be provided by the owner and will be in good working order. The staff will apply personal judgement and cut short a walk if necessary because of extreme weather conditions e.g heat, storms etc


There is free parking for drop off and collection of your pet. Please note your pet is your responsibility until a member of staff has taken them off you following the booking in process at reception.

Animal Lodge can not be held responsible for any damage incurred to vehicles whilst in the car park.


We may from time to time take photographs of our facilities for use on our website and marketing material these may include images of some of your pet if they are in the kennels and cattery at the time the photographs are taken.



Whilst all reasonable precautions will be taken and we pride ourselves on the care and attention that we give to our guests, we do not accept responsibility for damage or loss to any persons, pet or property.

Terms & Conditions

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