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Absolutely! Viewings can be arranged during our open hours (8-10 am and 4-6 pm). Please email us to schedule a viewing. Please note: due to vaccination requirements and other dogs coming in and out of the facility during this time, we cannot allow your dog(s) to come in and view the facility with you.

Can I view your facilities?

Morning Hours:  8.00am-10.00am, 
Afternoon hours: 4.00pm - 6.00pm.

We ask that your dog is kept in your vehicle until you have checked in at the office. All dogs are to be kept on a lead at all times on arrival and departure.

When are you open?

Animal Lodge FAQs

Yes, most oral and topical medications can be administered during your dog’s stay. Please bring any medications in a labelled container identifying the type of medication, instructions on dose and frequency, and your dog’s name. Please also ensure you have enough medication for the duration of your dog’s stay. 

Can you administer medications?

Dogs: All our doggie guests require  vaccinations which covers Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Leptospirosis & Canine Cough. The vaccination certificate is required on arrival and then every 12 months when it is updated. Those dogs that receive the 3 year vaccine must still have the yearly Canine Cough and Leptospirosis vaccination.

Cats: All our feline guests require a minimum of F3. This vaccine covers Feline Enteritis, Rhinotracheitis Virus and Calici Virus which both cause Cat Flu. The vaccination certificate is required on arrival and then every 12 months when it is updated.

We recommend all pets have regular flea and worm treatments.

What Vaccinations are required for my pet?

If non-urgent we will always try and contact you should your dog become unwell during their stay. We will take them to one of our local vets and provide them with any treatment to ensure their best care. We will make sure any information received from them is handed on to you.

If veterinary care is required urgently we will take your dog to the vet immediately and contact you as soon as possible.

If my dog requires a vet what will happen?

We do not take unneutered males over 1 year unless known to us. Some exceptions may apply, please contact us to discuss further. Generally no entire males during peak holiday times.

My dog has not been neutered, are they able to come?

We feed our cats and dogs BlackHawk biscuits. This dry food has highly digestible proteins to avoid upset tummies. We also have some dog roll and Mightyty Mix on hand for those picky eaters. Cats  - extra wet food Whiskas in the evening.

Some pets do better staying on their regular diet from home and have less trouble with upset stomachs from switching foods.

If your pet has any food allergies or dietary concerns, we definitely recommend supplying your own food. if you bring your own food from home, we request that you bring it in a resealable container/bag.

We supply all bedding at no additional charge.

What do you feed pets?

On average, dogs are exercised twice a day. Morning 7.30-9.30, afternoon 3.30-5.30

We discuss each dog and their temperament as a team along with any information you provide. They play off-leash in the paddocks.

Small and large dogs are always kept apart and if a specific group doesn’t suit your dog we will try them with a different selection of dogs. Notes are made in our system on each stay to ensure we gather as much information about your dogs as possible.

How many times a day is the dog exercised? Are they exercised individually or in a group?

Rates Per Day based on 24 hours stay

Small Dog (up to 10 kg) - $32

Medium to Large Dog (10 - 40 kg) -  $35

X Large Dog (over 40 kg) - $40

Public holiday surcharge - $8

ENTIRE MALE dogs - by arrangement only


Example 1: Pearl arrives on April 1st morning and goes home on April 2nd morning. Pearl will be billed for 1 day.

Example 2: Pearl arrives on April 1st morning and goes home on April 2nd afternoon. Pearl will be billed for 1 day plus late check out of $25.

 We accept EFTPOS, Cash and Internet Banking BNZ 02-0316-0597018-000   Ref. Surname and Pet name.

How much does boarding cost?
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