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Discover the perfect blend of individual care and social play for your dog at our Boarding Kennels.

Boarding Kennels

Small Dog 


up to 10 kg

$36 (from 1st September)

Regular Price:

Regular Rate

Medium to Large Dog


10 - 40 kg

$40 (from 1st September)

Regular Price:

Regular Rate: $35

X Large Dog


over 40 kg

$45 (from 1st September)

Regular Price:

Regular Price: $40

Boarding Rates

(Per 24-Hour Stay)

Public holiday surcharge - $8

20th Dec - 10thJan  minimum stay is 5 days

Example 1

Pearl arrives on April 1st morning and goes home on April 2nd morning. Pearl will be billed for 1 day.


Example 2

Pearl arrives on April 1st morning and goes home on April 2nd afternoon. Pearl will be billed for 1 day plus late check out of $25.

Billing Examples

  • Accepted: EFTPOS, Cash, Internet Banking (BNZ 02-0316-0597018-000)

  • Reference: Surname and Pet name.

Payment Methods

ENTIRE MALE dogs - by arrangement only

Special Arrangements

All our doggy guests will be housed in individual accommodation.

For little dogs we have inside kennels.

These are enclosed and shut up each night with climate control.

For medium/large dogs we have big inside kennels (these are inside, but are not enclosed) and outside kennels.

All bedding and blankets are supplied by us, though you are welcome to bring a toy or blanket from home if you wish. No bean bags, please!

If your dog is coming to us for the first time, we require a few daycare sessions to get to know each other and help them feel more comfortable.


All dogs have morning playtime from 7.30 until 9.30 and afternoon playtime from 3.30 until under the watchful eye of our trained staff. Dogs in our care are grouped with dogs of similar size and nature.


Sociable dogs will have a few friends of similar size to play with and we also have secure individual runs for those that aren’t so sociable or escape artists. If your dog is not quite as social, or you prefer for your dog to be in a play area by themselves, then please let us know. There are 30 exercise pens/yards, so we have enough yards to accommodate all our guests.

Exercise / Playtime

All dogs are fed separately in the comfort and safety of their own individual runs.

All our guests are fed twice a day Black Hawk biscuits.

If your dog is on a special diet please either advise us in advance or bring their food.

There is access to water 24 hours a day.

We are able to give dogs their medication if required. Medication named with clear instructions.


  1. Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus and parainfluenza – this vaccination is on a 2 yearly or 3 yearly cycle, depending on the vaccine your vet uses. Look for stickers in your vaccination booklet that say: DHP; DHPPi; Vanguard 5; Vanguard 5 Plus.​

  2. Canine Cough – this must be renewed annually. It covers your dog for a variety of virus that can cause flu like symptoms and coughing. Just like the human version of the flu vaccine, it does not stop your dog getting a cough, it reduces the risk of it catching a virus and the severity of the symptoms. Learn more about Canine Cough.​

  3. Leptospirosis. This is done annually.

Important note: If your dog has been coughing in the week prior to coming into kennels you must let us know.

Medical Requirements

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