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Our Cattery offers a serene and engaging haven for your feline friends, ensuring their comfort and joy while you're away.



1st September $25(individual), $20 (communual)


Regular Rate

Cattery Rates

(Per 24-Hour Stay)

Public holiday surcharge - $8

Example 1
Pearl arrives on April 1st morning and goes home on April 2nd morning. Pearl will be billed for 1 day.

Example 2.
Pearl arrives on April 1st morning and goes home on April 2nd afternoon. Pearl will be billed
for 1 day plus late check out of $10.

Billing Examples

  • Accepted: EFTPOS, Cash, Internet Banking (BNZ 02-0316-0597018-000)

  • Reference: Surname and Pet name.

Payment Methods

Individual cubicles (10 available)
These are great for cats that might be as social as others. Our individual facilities are 1.5 metres long. Each unit gives our purring friends their own house/bed with cosy blankets, litter tray and private kitchen full of their favourite food with fresh water at all times.


We do not mix cats from the individual units.

A large homely lounge just for cats! (communal accommodation)
Where the cats are free to roam around, and wonder outside in an enclosed area as they please.


The main communal area has an indoor/outdoor flow so they can bask in the sun or play in the shade.  We have a number of toys, beds, cat trees and hiding places to explore. 

All bedding and blankets are supplied by us, though you are welcome to bring a toy or blanket from home if you wish (only for individual cubicles)

The cattery is kept clean, hygienic and tidy and is sanitised twice daily.


There are Black Hawk cat biscuits available 24/7 and fresh water. Cats get Whiskas wet food at night.
If your cat is on a special diet please either advise us in advance or bring their food (only for individual cubicles).

We are able to give cats their medication if required. Medication named with clear instructions (only for individual cubicles)


Annual Vaccinations (Felocell3,4/Tricat Trio/Nobivac Ducat)

Medical Requirements

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